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What is a six sided polygon called?

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It is called a Hexagon. [Hecks-uh-gon] A hexagon has 6 sides. Hexagon A hexagon. Equal sides a hexagon Hexagon hexagon hexagon hexagon A hexagon has a total of six sides. It also has a total of six internal angles. A six sideded polygon is a hexagon. A six sided polygon is an hexagon
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What is 30 percent of 80 dollars?

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"30 percent of 80 dollars" is expressed as "30% times 80 dollars". Then: 0.3 * $80 = $24
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How many years in a score?

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A score is a 'group of 20' in numbers. So, that would be 20 years. Lincoln's 'four score and seven' was to indicate 87 years.
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What does Doing number two mean?

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Emptying one's bowels/defecating/taking a dump/having a crap... (This will probably be flagged for bad language!)
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Can you prove God exists using math?

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If you choose to believe in god, or not, is up to you. As it's a belief and can't be truely proved/disproved using Maths. Another Answer "Prove" is too strong of a term when it comes to topics like this. You can certainly feel it is a logical conclusion that some sort of God exists because of the impossible odds it would take for this universe to be the way it is without an intelligent designer. But then again, if you had proof, you wouldn't need faith.
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What is mass divided by weight?

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Answer #1: It's (1) divided by (the acceleration of gravity in the place where that mass has that weight): weight = mass x g (where g is the acceleration due to gravity) ? mass/weight = mass/(mass x g) = 1/g On the earth, g ≈ 9.81 ms-2 ? mass/weight ≈ 1/9.81 ms-2 ≈ 0.102 m-1s2 On the moon, g is approx 1/6 that of the earth, ? mass/weight ≈ 6/9.81 ms-2 ≈ 0.612 m-1s2 If the questioner really meant weight divided by mass it gives the acceleration due to gravity in that place otherwise I'm not sure of a use of knowing the reciprocal of the acceleration due to gravity that the questioner asked. ============================= Answer #2: If you ask a scientist, that's true answer in the sense that a mass M experiences a gravitational force Mg and if you measure weight in units of force (which nobody does). But anyone else would be surprised to learn that a mass M (say 10 grams) would have a weight of anything else but M grams (10 grams). Sometimes expressed as "grams weight" often just grams for short. If you pick up a Kilogram, even a scientist would say "its weight is 1 kilogram". The gravitational force on it is 1g, so if you let it go it will accelerate at a rate force over mass, which is g. So the answer depends on your units of mass and weight. That's why science lessons tend to avoid use of "weight". In outer free space mass would be measured by (say) tension in the string if you whirl it on the end of it around your head, but the weight (measured by a spring balance) would be zero (precisely as described in the first answer above, with g=0). ============================== Answer #2.1: The problem with discussing mass and weight in the same units, and the reason that this masked contributor is waging a one-man battle to make the distinction recognized and acknowledged by users of this website, is the new problem that you have now that the space age is here. As long as we were all irrevocably bound to the Earth, one kilogram of mass would always weigh one kilogram, if you like it that way. We could afford to be sloppy about it, with hardly one out of ten men-on-the-street knowing or caring about the difference, and nobody ever had a problem with it. But now that some of us have already slipped these surly bonds ... and among the general population, the younger you are, the better the chance that you will do so one day before you're done ... those who ignored the distinction begtween mass and weight all through school, or never even encountered it there, are poised to step into an inconvenient pile. Because as soon as you pack for your trip to anywhere else away from Earth, and take along your lucky kilogram, you're due for a shock when you step out at your destination: Your kilogram doesn't "weigh" a kilogram there. It weighs something else. If you're on the moon, for example, your kilogram weighs 0.165 kilogram ! That's the shock I'm trying to avoid, because if you think the straight dope is too complex for people to handle now, you haven't seen anything yet.
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What is 2 over 4 plus 3 over 8?

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2/4 + 3/8 = 7/8 Lets normalize the denominators: since 2/4 = 4/8, we can say 4/8 + 3/8 When the denominators are the same, we simply add the enumerators.
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What ara some 9 letter words that end in d?

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How about starting with "impounded" sound, wound, loud, could, would, lid, led, lead, mound, bud....... Another favorite would be "befuddled" or and..? wand...around... Someone has "responded" with words that end in "d" but failed to look at the request for words with 9 letters... so the fourth entry by aflairwith is now "contended"
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How old are you if you were born in 1990?

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For any year after 2000, your age on your birthday in that year will be 10 more than the last two digits of the year. Example: on your birthday in 2014, you will be 24. On any date prior to your birthday in a given year, your age will be one year less.
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What does porch mean?

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A covered platform, usually having a separate roof, at an entrance to a building. An open or enclosed gallery or room attached to the outside of a building; a verandah. an exterior appendage to a building, forming a covered approach or vestibule to a doorway. 1. A covered platform, usually having a separate roof, at an entrance to a building. 2. An open or enclosed gallery or room attached to the outside of a building; a verandah. 3. Obsolete A portico or covered walk.
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Clearance between phase to earth?

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The spacial distance between line legs increases as the line voltage increases. This also holds true from line voltage to ground. So as no voltage was stated then no correct answer can be given.
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What are characteristics of formal language?

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Characteristics of Language: 1) verbal, vocal & sound 2)social phenomenon 3)means of communication 4)non-instinctive, conventional 5) arbitrary 6)symbolic 7)systematic 8)unique 9)linguistic & communicative competence 10)human & structurally complex If we are talking about language, and something that looks like language but is not… the important characteristic is "7)" - being bound by rules. The core principle is that you can use a language to make new sentences (and other people will understand you). This is (only) possible because language has rules for making sentences, by putting words together systematically. (Of course, it is possible to be understood without constructing a proper sentence - Gen Y's do it all the time.)
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Whats a five sided shape called?

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A five-sided shape is called a pentagon. A pentagon may be regular (all sides and angles are the same) or irregular (the opposite of regular).
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How many hours in a month?

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That would depend on the month as there are months with 30, 31 and 28 days. Multiply the number of days of the month you want by 24 hrs per day. Hours by Month: January: 744 February: 28 days - 672/ 29 days - 696 March: 744 April: 720 May: 744 June: 720 July: 744 August: 744 September: 720 October: 744 November: 720 December: 744 730.5 hours average per month for a 4 year period which includes 1 leap year.
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What instrument measures temperature?

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Most commonly, a thermometer. Related Information: Thermometers are used to measure the increase or decrease in the temperature of a system as it gains or loses internal energy. An alcohol-in-glass thermometer has been the most common personal instrument used to measure temperature. Mercury thermometers are still around but are no longer offered for sale. Today, digital devices are available that scan the forehead or ear. Some other devices used to measure temperature are: Radiation pyrometer, for extremely high temperatures; Glass thermometer: mercury or alcohol; Thermocouple; Thermistor (thermal resistor) Bimetallic strip; Bimetallic spiral; Platinum resistance thermometer (a resistance detector); Examples: A mercury in glass thermometer uses mercury liquid contained within its glass structure to be subjected to heat. the heat causes the mercury fluid to expand along the glass tube and the total amount of expansion can be seen as a measure along the accurate scale of indication. This is a direct indication of the effects of temperature. A more complex method of measuring temperature could be a thermocouple measuring device. A thermocouple consists of 2 dissimilar types of metal materials in the form of wires , which are joined at 1 end by weld/ fusion. this single joined end is called the hot junction. The other end of the 2 wires are then terminated at separate junctions; as in a electronic terminal block. This end of the 2 wires can be called the cold junction. For most accurate temperature measure, I think temperature sensor is the first choice.
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Which process converts oxygen and food into cellular energy?

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That process is called as biological oxidation. Glucose is the best example of biological oxidation. Here the end products are same. They are water and carbon bi oxide. In the biological oxidation the energy is released in step wise fashion in multiple steps. In the chemical oxidation the energy is released in single step. The amount of energy is exactly same in both the processes. Chemical oxidation is like jumping from the top of the building. Biological oxidation is like coming down via steps. You come down at the same place. But you may end up in braking your legs in the process of jumping down. In biological oxidation, you do not end up in braking your legs.
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What percent of 80 is 20?

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x % of 80 = 20 = x / 100 x 80 = 20 = 8 x / 10 = 20 = x = 20 x 10 / 8 = x = 25% (answer)
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How many pounds are in 64 ounces?

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One pound equals 16 ounces. Therefore, 64 ounces would equal four pounds.
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What does it mean to '86' someone?

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To remove, end usage, or take something out or away. Despite ALL other posts suggesting the origin of this phrase there is only one true answer: Chumley's, a famous and OLD New York speakeasy, is located at 86 Bedford Stuy During Prohibition, an entrance through an interior adjoined courtyard was used, as it provided privacy and discretion for customers. As was (and is) a New York tradition, the cops were on the payroll of the bar and would give a ring to the bar that they were coming for a raid. The bartender would then give the command "86 everybody!", which meant that everyone should hightail it out the 86 Bedford entrance because the cops were coming in through the courtyard door."86 that light" "Everyone in Sales got 86'd." New entry: in CSL (Cockney Slang Rhyme), 86 = nix = nothing, so it could be that all of the other variations have evolved from this.
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What does a 160 degree angle look like?

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it looks big A 160o angle is a (180o-20o) angle and looks like a slightly broken line if one of its 2 side-ines is considerably longer than the other...
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What is 5 x 5 x 5?

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5 x 5 x 5 = 125, this could be also shown as 53.