When is Saint Nicholas Day and why do we celebrate it?


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Kyleigh Jacobs
December 04, 2019 7:41PM

Saint Nicholas Day is celebrated on Dec. 6 (in the U.S.) and commemorates the real man who inspired our modern idea of Santa Claus. St. Nicholas of Myra, the patron saint of children, was born around 280 A.D. in Asia Minor and was known for arriving on horseback wearing a bishop’s red robe and distributing gifts to help those in need. One story entails Saint Nicholas helping three poor sisters pay their wedding dowries by secretly delivering a bag of money inside their door.

On the evening of Dec. 5, Christian children will traditionally leave a shoe or boot out in their hallway. The next morning, they discover treats like quarters, candy, or oranges hidden inside.

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?eljko Ostoji?
December 06, 2019 7:54AM
Do you know that Christians Orthodox celebrate Saint Nicholas Day on 19th December? One more fact.
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Olivia James
December 06, 2019 6:47AM
Saint Nicholas day on 6th december. Saint Nicholas known for sell his all things and giving all his money to poors. thats why celebrate