What's your favorite bizarre food combination?


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Kevin Stringer
December 02, 2019 7:25PM

When I was around sixteen, I discovered the amazing interaction between eating microwaved popcorn and drinking chocolate milk. Normally, I'd find the combination of butter and chocolate unappealing, but there's something about that sweet and salty mix that hits the tastebuds just right. It's still my go-to movie snack at home.

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Never Ending Gaming
December 02, 2019 10:12PM
My favorite is Dorritos dipped in Nutella
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George Hernandez
December 03, 2019 12:59AM
i was 10 when I found that sprite and powerade mixed wasn't to bad!
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Gisselle Eichmann
November 25, 2019 9:16PM

I'm not sure how or when I discovered this but a scrambled egg sandwich and Nacho Cheese Doritos really work well together.

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PinkGlamour Fox
December 03, 2019 9:12PM
fruit loops and bacon.
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Tatiana Valdez
December 04, 2019 6:01PM
Pickle Juice And Popcorn I know it sounds weird but it isnt even my child likes it.
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Vivian Tay3703
December 03, 2019 5:35PM
Mine is potato chips and hot dog chilli. It might sound nasty but in my opinon it is absolutly breath taking its good for a little snack. Or if you are bored just try it out. You just might like it.
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December 03, 2019 12:22AM
I like to have ketchup with my my catfish. You should try it!
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Jarred Krajcik
November 25, 2019 9:17PM

Baby dill pickles, cream cheese, thin-sliced ham. Spread cream cheese on the ham slice, roll that baby dill up inside—I’m drooling, I’m drooling.

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December 02, 2019 10:14PM
My favorite bizarre food combination it would probably be peanut-butter and jelly with pickels. I know it sounds disgusting but it tasted really good.
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Austin Burn
December 04, 2019 5:34PM
marshmallow taco
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Kayla Flowers
December 04, 2019 12:33PM
i whould have to say my favorite bizzarre food combiation be nutela sticks,nutela and pringle put together
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December 04, 2019 9:27PM
Peanut butter marshmallow sandwiches
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Corpus Dominion
December 03, 2019 10:13PM
A giant pile of cheddar shaked in red pepper piled into chicken noodle soup. Cheese, if you please! Seems so fundamental, yet I get the hmmmmmm hmmmm look.
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December 03, 2019 4:34PM
Not a food per se but Coke and Fanta makes for a tasty combination
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Samir Amin
December 03, 2019 8:15PM
well back when i was ten i discovered hta If you sprinkle salt and peper on any type of egg its really good
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Aarush Amin
December 03, 2019 7:16PM
Siracha Sauce, and Skittles...
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Alivia Milhon
December 02, 2019 11:59PM
Hmmmm I guess it would be Ramen mixed with butter, parsley and little s of popcorn.
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December 04, 2019 9:12PM
Rice and Caesar dressing
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Aldwin Martin
December 04, 2019 11:42AM
For me, peanut butter and pickle sandwitch is the best bizarre combination. Pickles make me think of tuna fish. I'm really surprised by how much I enjoy this. Obviously sweet and sour are a good combination, but this is great. Before I took the first bite I thought it would be very bizarre, but the wateriness of the pickle is the perfect way to cut the thick, creamy peanut butter. This might be my new replacement for jelly.
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Maggie Jernas
December 10, 2019 4:25PM
Peanut butter bananas is one. I also like chili cheese dogs with ranch dressing. And nacho cheese on salad.
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Micah Schroeder
December 04, 2019 3:46PM
Corn and peanut butter. The peanut taste and texture mixed with corn is unbelievable
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December 04, 2019 7:53PM
My dad's is cheese and mustard.
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Camille DeLadurantey
December 05, 2019 5:28PM
mac and cheese with ketchup
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Madaison Stradley
December 05, 2019 4:59PM
When i was abo nine i found out the mcdonalds ice cream with there fries was not terible
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December 12, 2019 12:21AM
One day I was eating bacon and syrup and decided to mix them both and it taste really good .
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Evan Mackay
December 03, 2019 4:15PM
my favorite food combonatoin is rice, beans, and cheese
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Layne Jenson
December 03, 2019 3:39AM
Chick-fil-a sauce with a hot dog. I know it sounds weird but my brother loves it.
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December 09, 2019 6:54PM
fries whit ice cream
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Katelyn Hand
December 05, 2019 10:27PM
my favorite food combo would have to be french fries and ice cream. my friends told me to try and i did... First bite- AMAZING!
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Megan Marais
December 05, 2019 4:31PM
My favourite quirky food combination is a peanut butter, strawberry jam and mild cheddar cheese sandwhich.
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December 08, 2019 9:57PM
avacado toast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or maybe im just a weird californian......
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Randy Blair
December 05, 2019 5:15PM
Chicken and maple syrup
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Daniel Madsen
December 10, 2019 9:32PM
Probably Macaroni on pizza.
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December 11, 2019 4:21PM
French fries and ice cream :)
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Rosie Hauk
December 08, 2019 10:22PM
Well, when I was little, I tried, n memorial day, I tried eggs with ketchup. It might sound weird
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Justin Woo4374
December 12, 2019 3:21PM
tatertots, eggs, katchup and mapple syrup, is really good put together for me, sounds nasty i know but its amazing
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Alyson Curless
December 11, 2019 9:04PM
grapes and kool-aid powder is the best thing that could possibly ever tasted good together btw it only works if you stir together grapes and the kool-aid powder
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Hannah Bridgman
December 03, 2019 11:02PM
My favorite is mayo and ketchup matchup
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Justin Woo4374
December 12, 2019 3:23PM
corndogs dipped in honey musterd
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Ibrahim Junaid
December 05, 2019 7:59PM
pizza chicken burger chips and coke
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Twilight Prinzessin
December 06, 2019 9:36PM
Strawberries dipped in sourcream and brown sugar
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Scoopidy Doo Scoopidy Daa
December 06, 2019 8:57PM
Definently would have to be chocolate bars and cheese strips
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Jelob Generosa
December 06, 2019 10:41AM
tuna and chili garlic plus soy sauce
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December 03, 2019 11:45PM
mmmm some southern styled candied yams and baked mac n cheese mixed together.. so yummy (gotta make sure the mac n cheese is baked)
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December 06, 2019 8:13AM
Dosa and curd.. Indian food
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Random Account
December 06, 2019 5:27AM
I used to have two wierd ones, one was plain lays chips dipped in yellow muster anmashed potatos and mayo mixed together.
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Lois Pierre
December 06, 2019 2:33AM
mozarella stick with salsa sauce and ketchup
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Beverly Lucio
December 06, 2019 1:19AM
I like Mcdonald's fries with a good 'ol hot sundae.
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Gabriella Vargas
December 05, 2019 11:30PM
I am 10 and helping people out but my favorite bizzare food combination is ramen noodle soup with wipped cream. You guys should try it out!
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Micah Schroeder
December 04, 2019 3:46PM
blended donuts and salt and pepper
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Brianna Demmi
December 05, 2019 7:32PM
I love ketchup with my Green Beans! It adds flavor, and tastes delicious!
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Marissa Hoelting
December 05, 2019 3:16PM
My favorite thing to eat together is a cheezit and a pickle best thing ever, highly recommend.
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Zipporah Willemse
December 05, 2019 7:20PM
I like having ham, chesse, and marmite together.
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December 04, 2019 5:41PM
Ever since I was a kid I used to take a hard boiled egg, cut it in half, remove the yolk, and then fill the hole with spaghettios. Still to this day, I find it delicious and also will eat it with the chicken flavored ramen noodles as well if my kid wants either of those things for lunch! Everyone seems to think this would be a really gross combination, but you can't knock it until you try it.
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Charity Laker
December 05, 2019 7:03PM
Mashed patotos with macandcheese and fries
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December 05, 2019 5:43PM
I have eaten potato chips and ice-cream, and popcorn and cachup. I also have had frinch fries and milkshakes. I love them all!
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December 05, 2019 5:34PM
I was five when I found out that red rice and sour cream go good together mixed, and when I turned six red rice with banana tase good but ever better with sour cream.(??ω?? )
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Austin Hofferkamp
December 04, 2019 7:57PM
Not a food but me and my buddy were eating at a jersey mikes when i was 10 or so and he kept bragging about how good his drink combinaition was, how he was gonna be famous for it etc. Ur normal 10 yr old kid banter. And then i tried it. It was unholy it was so good it should be illegal. I never thought that barys root beer and blue powerade could be so good.
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Phoebe Martin
December 05, 2019 12:30AM
my favorite are strawberries and butter
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December 07, 2019 1:26PM
i dip my mc donald chips in my milkshakes
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Patricia Mercurio
December 05, 2019 5:13PM
I like bananas and chips
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Ryanne Smith
December 05, 2019 3:38AM
mustard ketchup BBQ sauce ranch and pizza bananas cookies cake chocolate hot dogs and pickles and cucumbers altogether on a sandwich
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December 05, 2019 5:36AM
My good friend loves lime milkshake drizzled over hawaiian pizza
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Niema James
December 07, 2019 12:46AM
The reg one is just cookies and milk but i like cookies milk icecream coolwhip thats isnt wired its all diary and im like rlly not good with it!!!!!!!!!ps:tried to make it short
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Nasheeta Shareen Ahmed
January 28, 2020 1:43PM
My favorite bizsarre food cobination is tomato sause and mayonase mixed.
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December 07, 2019 6:07PM
my favorite bizzare meal is choclate and chicken eggs along with gum and pot roast pork
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December 16, 2019 11:53PM
Apples and Ketchup are pretty good accidently mixed them up once.
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December 13, 2019 1:34AM
I'm a pretty picky eater, but if I eat something, it's sure to be weird. :p
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December 13, 2019 1:48AM
Goldfish and ranch are a godly combination.
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December 13, 2019 4:27AM
Ketchup and some Orange juice with a side of garlic bread.
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Natalya Austin
December 14, 2019 9:08PM
Nacho Cheese Doritos dipped in sour cream is delicous
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alexandra dupont-short
December 15, 2019 12:59PM
cucumber and ketchup
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Polina Stankova
December 15, 2019 2:36PM
Chips and chocolate is the BEST
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James Huang
December 16, 2019 6:47AM
popcorn extra buttery and soft drink ( sprite) with vallina ice-cream. For me it sounded weird but when i tasted it from my auntie, it was the best thing in the world
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Nelia Yin
December 16, 2019 9:36AM
ik it sounds weird, but vegemite and avocado on toast is really tasty
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December 16, 2019 3:04PM
Chicken Noodle Soup and Skittles. Try me.
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Gavin Brown
December 16, 2019 9:14PM
i dont know why but apples crackers cheese and penutbutter is pretty good
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Briley Wellington
December 16, 2019 10:08PM
mine is chicken with honey it is good you should try it
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Abryanna Coleman
December 17, 2019 12:58AM
I like sunchips on my hamburgers!!!!!
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December 12, 2019 11:51PM
mayonais with banana slices with penut butter and put it all into a sandwitch. to me that sounded discousting but then my dad made me try it and i was so suprised that it was acually good!
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Serenity Huskins
December 17, 2019 2:34AM
I got this from the movie Elf, but I love syrup on pasta!
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Ashley Johnson
December 17, 2019 5:29AM
chocolate with bacon.
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Kamiko Dent
December 17, 2019 7:15PM
I have two. One is mac and cheese with sour cream. The other is a sandwich with ranch as the dressing instead of mustard or mayo.
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Kamiko Dent
December 17, 2019 11:16PM
One more. I was around 6 or 7 when I tried Goldfish and honeymustard.
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James Whitlock
December 18, 2019 12:36AM
egg plus egg
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Hailey Vaca [STUDENT]
December 18, 2019 8:31PM
cheetos and pickles
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Christina Isham
December 19, 2019 1:39AM
I like Ice Cream and Fries as my mix
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December 19, 2019 2:00AM
Ginger on top of a crouton
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me and me
December 19, 2019 4:25AM
meatballs dipped in coke
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Paula Terifaj
December 19, 2019 7:54AM
I like to have a sandwich with ice tea, but its a not normal sandwich. I make my sandwich with sliced grapes +bananas +pinch of salt.
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Sofia Rosiles
January 06, 2020 4:28AM
Mine is rice and some Dorritos.
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January 08, 2020 7:22PM
I like ramen noodles with lime and louisiana hot sauce and i also like mcdonalds fries dipped in choclate shake
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Vihaan Patel
January 17, 2020 8:09PM
dirito with cheese and hot sauce
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Max Filchak
December 07, 2019 8:00PM
mix sour cream and salsa and dip the sweet chili Doritos in it
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December 12, 2019 11:05PM
big mac and broccaly
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Victoria Alonzo
December 09, 2019 7:22PM
I eat the weirdest stuff. I'm making cheesy garlic bread for dinner and I'm dipping it in balsamic dressing (Yep, DH is at work haha). My strange cravings have nothing to even do with being pregnant. The strangest thing that I love is to take 2 slices of bread. Put American cheese on one and fold it in half. Put peanut butter on the other and fold it in half. That's lunch probably 3x a week. DH things it's a disgusting combination. I swear I just can never decide if I want a peanut butter sandwich or just cheese. What is your strange favorite food?? I cannot be alone.
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Rubin Shrestha
December 08, 2019 2:01PM
i don't why did i like ketchup with rice when i was 4 years old
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Abigail Clegg
December 08, 2019 4:38PM
cheese burger pizza with ketchup and musturd and mayo as the sauce with lettuce and cheese and hamburger and pickles as the toppings it so good.
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Avishi Mehta
December 08, 2019 5:10PM
I love chocolate and Goldfish!
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Student Avery Klask
December 08, 2019 9:52PM
applesause with kraft mac and cheese powder
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Patricia Kelley
December 08, 2019 11:17PM
My favorite weird food combo is a sandwich with Jiff extra crunchy peanut butter, lots of Best Foods mayo and iceberg lettuce. Add an ice cold glass of mile and I'm in heaven!
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Patricia Kelley
December 08, 2019 11:19PM
My favorite weird food combio is a sandwich with Jiff extra crunchy peanut butter, lots of Best Foods mayo and iceberg lettuce. Add an ice cold glass of milk and I'm in heaven!
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December 09, 2019 12:38AM
Deffinetly Onions With Mustard. It Sounds Nasty, But Its Suprisingly Addicting.
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Madeline Gregory
December 09, 2019 1:29AM
This is gonna sound gross, but cheezits and ketchup are SO GOOD together! I mean, cheese and tomatoes are so good in so many situations... I'm not that weird...
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December 09, 2019 4:17AM
The combanation of shrimp and dried fruty pebbles.
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Safwaan Aweis
December 09, 2019 12:58PM
PN sandwiches!!!!!!!!!!
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Makayla Nester
December 09, 2019 4:06PM
olives and cheese....yep wth smh
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Katie Nipper
December 12, 2019 4:32PM
Banna sandwitches with mayo dill chipped pickles are really good to me
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Kathryn Meyer
December 09, 2019 4:28PM
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Mary Bella Kimball
December 09, 2019 11:08PM
spicy cheetos and nutella
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Sean Blanc
December 11, 2019 7:29AM
Sushi on top of Pizza and baked
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Mina Lee
December 10, 2019 10:12AM
popcorn cookies dortios strawberry milk and memes
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Paige Lewis
December 10, 2019 1:28PM
Mac and cheese with barbeque sause
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December 12, 2019 3:20PM
Ice cream with Fritos. Nothing beats it. There's something about the sweet and salty flavor that gets me.
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December 12, 2019 3:28AM
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andrea royo
December 11, 2019 10:09PM
well when i was around seven it was goldfish and yogurt but now it is doritos with yogurt
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25Gabriella Langsdorf
December 10, 2019 9:29PM
i dont know if this is like a bazarre food combination but rice and kechup
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December 10, 2019 10:27PM
Beef gravy over chocolate cake.
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Alyson Curless
December 11, 2019 8:59PM
melted chocolate and bacon is the best food combination
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Charles Armga
December 05, 2019 4:31PM
Peanut Butter and Mayonnaise Sandwich.
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December 18, 2019 5:58PM
I know its sound weird, but syrup on eggs! DeLiCoUs!!! its so good you should try it sometime!
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Jacey Palmer
December 03, 2019 10:52PM
Honestly, I find Apples, Grapes and Cheese super good together and I like to put them in a Pita Pocket, though they taste better without it. But it's good when you bite each thing all at once. :P
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Anika rai
December 09, 2019 10:10AM
Baby girls
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Belinda Boswell
December 04, 2019 1:43PM
I go to subway and only order green peppers and pickles. I then proceed to take out one of my special toenails from a jar I keep with me at all times and cut up the sandwich into smaller bites. People might go "ooh that's strange" IT IS STRANGE but if I enjoy what I'm doing then why change.
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Kindra Brown
December 06, 2019 12:17AM
chicken patty with mash potatos corn and bun yummmm yuummmm yummm yumummmmmm
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Damian Tougas
December 03, 2019 8:12PM
I find that solid foods and a liquid beverage isn't bad
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Adah Nunez
December 03, 2019 1:40AM
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Yarisbel Carrillo [STUDENT]
December 04, 2019 8:33PM
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December 04, 2019 8:09PM
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